Review: Sesame Street Live’s “Can’t Stop Singing” at the Consol Energy Center

Disclaimer:  I received 4 free tickets to Sesame Street Live for the purposes of this review.  However, the opinions expressed here are objective and are my own!

Bert and Ernie, our Halloween costumes!

Bert and Ernie, our Halloween costumes!

Our family doesn’t watch a lot of TV; but, we do watch Sesame Street.  Enthusiastically and often!  My kids cuddle up on the couch to watch an episode, while I take a deep breath and chill out.  I cook.  I bake.  I read.  Or I do absolutely nothing.  And I feel guilt-free and good about it because I know my kids are watching educational, commercial-free TV programming.

Since my kids were introduced to the show, the characters have become a part of our lives.  My son (he’s 2) has a particular fondness for Elmo.  Elmo frequently takes part in our adventures (in lifeless stuffed animal form).  He often sits at the dinner table with us.  Sometimes he rents space in my son’s bed.  And he even takes a bath in the sink when Mommy isn’t looking! Then he ends up in the clothes dryer and everybody cries :(.  My daughter (she’s 3) loves “Mr. Noodle,” the ridiculous and clueless grown-up who inhabits the Land Behind the Shade in “Elmo’s World.”  My husband and I even enjoy the characters on Sesame Street.  Specifically, we muse about the so-called Muppet Theory, or the hypothesis that all adults can be divided into either Chaos or Order Muppets from the show. After much deliberation, we have determined that I am Ernie (Chaos) and he is Bert (Order).  We even dressed up for Halloween like these characters!

TM/© 2014 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved. Photographs courtesy of VEE Corporation. Photos provided by Bruce Silcox.

TM/© 2014 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved. Photographs courtesy of VEE Corporation. Photos provided by Bruce Silcox.

Anyway, the perennial question around our house has become, “Can we go to Sesame Street?”  I have successfully dodged the question for a long time.  Until now!  Finally, I could reply with an enthusiastic “Yes!” because Sesame Street Live is in town this weekend!! Last night we packed up the kids and went down to the Consol Energy Center to see the show.  The kids loved it and I thought I’d share our experience in case you are interested in taking your family, too!

First off, a little bit about it:  the production is called “Can’t Stop Singing” It’s the newest Sesame Street Live musical and it’s based on one of our favorite episodes from Season 41 called “Music Magic.”  In this episode, Elmo gets a hold of Abby Cadabby’s wand and casts a Music Spell on Sesame Street.  All of the familiar characters start singing and can’t stop themselves until Elmo reverses the spell later in the show.  The “Can’t Stop Singing” Sesame Street Live performance is an expanded version of this storyline.

Waiting for Sesame Street Live to start!

Last night’s show was our first time at a Sesame Street Live performance and my son’s first time at any professional production.  I was both excited and nervous to take him because I was concerned that he would be too restless to enjoy it.  But, I was wrong!  Both of my kids were mesmerized from the moment that the show started.  At intermission, my son actually cried because he didn’t want the show to stop!  He went to bed last night gripping a small Grover figurine in one hand and Cookie Monster in the other.  He woke up this morning and still wouldn’t let go!  My daughter was equally engaged.  And even my husband and I had a great time.


Here’s why I think we all loved “Can’t Stop Singing”:

Sesame Street Live!

Sesame Street Live!

  • It’s a musical:   I think a musical is probably the most interesting form of live entertainment for the littlest toddlers like my son.  He was much more engaged by the singing and dancing than I imagine he would have been in a more dialogue-filled, plot-driven show.
  • There is a storyline, but it’s simple:  The simple plot in this show was crucial for keeping my daughter, an older preschooler, interested.
  • There are familiar elements from the TV show:  I think that most kids enjoy new experiences more when there are familiar elements to keep them oriented.  “Can’t Stop Singing” incorporated well-loved parts of the TV show to help.  For example, the production started with a “Word on the Street” segment starring Murray.  It also included a “Letter of the Day” and a”Number of the Day” segment.
TM/© 2014 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved. Photographs courtesy of VEE Corporation. Photos provided by Bruce Silcox.

TM/© 2014 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved. Photographs courtesy of VEE Corporation. Photos provided by Bruce Silcox.

  • The song and dance numbers were really varied and cool:  My husband and I really enjoyed the variety of the music in the show.  There were rock, hip-hop, classical, and even bhangra numbers in it!  Also, some of the songs were based on ones we knew from the Pre-Child era, such as “It’s Raining Cookies,” a parody of “It’s Raining Men” sung by the passionate Chaos Muppet, Cookie Monster.
  • The length was good: The show was about one and a half hour long, including a 15-minute intermission.  It was an appropriate length for the toddler/preschool age group.
  • The venue was set up well: Sesame Street Live did a really good job of setting up the show in this huge performance venue.  Instead of having seating 360 degrees around the stage, they limited it to a small slice of the available seats right in front.  As a result, every seat was close enough for even the smallest child to see.
One happy little cub at Sesame Street Live!

One happy little cub at Sesame Street Live!

Some other things to keep in mind about the show:

  • Your child may get antsy.  Ours certainly did.  However, it’s okay!  The kids were allowed and even encouraged to get up and move around if needed.
  • The ticket prices were very reasonable (ranging between $16-$26); however, you may spend more money by the end of the night.  Parking was available in the garage for $10.  Refreshments were available and were expectedly pricey (It was $10 for two small Rita’s custards for the kids).  And, of course, there are lots of expensive Sesame Street souvenirs available for purchase (I pulled my screaming son away from a $10 Elmo balloon!).

Anyway, last night my kids went to sleep with smiles on their faces, happily clutching Sesame Street figurines to their chests!  A dream had come true for them—THEY FINALLY WENT TO SESAME STREET!  And, as promised, we’ve been humming the tunes ever since…

Thanks to Sesame Street Live for an awesome show!

The show is in town from January 10-12th at the Consol Energy Center.  There are 7 total shows with ticket prices ranging from between $16-$26 (with a limited number of more expensive floor tickets). Get your tickets here.

Want to connect with Sesame Street Live on social media?  Here are links to its Facebook page and Twitter account.




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  1. We recently (March 2014 in Pennsylvania) saw a Sesame Street Live production of Elmo Makes Music. The balloons were $8. They were huge and didn’t seem out of line price wise compared to what a huge one would cost at a party store. A colorful nice program was $10 and a t-shirt was $15. Compared to what programs and t-shirts cost at many shows and concerts these actually seemed reasonable to me. The light up wands were $15. I don’t have any comparison for those so that might have been a bit high. Of course it would be tough on the kids to see the balloons and wands being vended in the aisles if they couldn’t get one. The other things were at a stand that one had to purposely visit. Maybe parents could talk to kids ahead of time and let them know that they could choose one souvenir or that the show itself was the treat and that they had to save money for the next big treat. Food is always high at arenas.

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