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Natalie Kovacic, Cofounder of the Mom Con

Next month, Pittsburgh will host the 2nd annual Mom Con–a conference conceived BY Pittsburgh moms FOR Pittsburgh moms. The event is designed to help empower, inspire and connect mothers on both personal and professional levels. As the event’s website reads:

You love your kids, but you have your own goals as a woman. A vision you have for your life. Maybe you’re wondering, like we did:

  • Can I really achieve the goals I had for myself before I became a mother? Is it even possible?
  • Am I doing this whole motherhood thing right? (the answer is yes)
  • How do I balance my own needs with trying to be present to my kids?

These words certainly resonate with me. Perhaps they do for you, too? The Mom Con is designed to help us all navigate the delicate balancing act of being both a mother AND an individual with goals and dreams.

I recently had a chance to interview the cofounder of the Mom Con, a local mother named Natalie Kovacic. Here’s what she had to say about the conference and her inspiration for starting it:

Can you tell me about the Mom Con?

The Mom Con is a conference for moms who are looking for ideas to improve their homes and their businesses – and to help them feel empowered as a result. More importantly, it’s designed to build a supportive community of Pittsburgh moms through providing a space for them to get to know each other. 

Can you tell me about schedule for the Mom Con?

The Mom Con will be held on Saturday, November 15 at Pittsburgh Marriot North. We will be gathering that morning at 8:30am for coffee, to get everyone checked in and to meet one another. Then we launch into our first session of speakers, who will cover everything from work-life integration, holistic health, entrepreneurship, organization and more. The 90-minute lunch break that follows is actually one of the best parts of the day. We have 6 sponsors and 30 vendors– all offering awesome services and products that our attendees can check out during this time. And eat lunch, of course, which is included in registration. Then we have our afternoon session with more speakers and close for the day around 4 p.m.

How much does the Mom Con cost?

The Mom Con costs $59/ticket, which includes refreshments throughout the day, lunch and attendance at all of the speaker sessions. Tickets are already almost sold out, so please buy soon! (Also-there’s a giveaway at the bottom of this post). Finally, if you use the promo code momcon5off you can get $5 off the price of your ticket.

Speakers and Bloggers of the Mom Con


Why were you inspired to create the Mom Con?

I am an attorney by training; however, I ended up leaving law after having my son in 2010. Part-time attorney positions are pretty much nonexistent, and I couldn’t jive the hours of a full-time schedule with the needs of my newborn. Like many other mothers, I ended up feeling very isolated as a SAHM. I missed my “old life,” but I also loved my son and needed to find a way to balance the two.

As my son got older, I started attending playgroups in order to connect with other moms. These playgroups were wonderful for my son, but I just didn’t feel a deep connection with any of the moms. I wondered, “Do they feel the same way?” but I was too scared to ask. I knew deep down there were other moms like me out there, but I didn’t know how to find them. I created the Mom Con as a day to bring together local moms to connect on that deeper level – to learn together, to become each other’s advocates and friends, to talk about the obstacles we face as mothers and as women.

How has the Mom Con helped YOU reconcile your “old life” and your life as a mom? 

Advocating for causes I believed in was what propelled me into law in the first place. I had always believed being an attorney was be the best way to do it, but I’ve since realized that I can still be an advocate for the people and causes I believe in without practicing law. The Mom Con has become a form of advocacy for me. I’m supporting women who love their children, but have dreams for themselves, too. I want these moms to be encouraged and have a space to connect with other each other. There is nothing online – no forum or Facebook group – that compares to the energy of a room full of like-minded women.

What do you hope Pittsburgh moms will take away from the conference?

My greatest hope is that each mother comes away with “one idea and one person.” One new idea that changes her life completely and one person she connects with who can help make her motherhood journey less lonely–a person who stays with her long after the conference is over.

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