The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog is dedicated to two things: raising adventurous children and supporting inspired mothers in the city of Pittsburgh!

The first focus of the blog is to help Pittsburgh families learn about the many opportunities for adventure in our city.  I write:

The second focus of my blog is to support inspired mothers in the city.  I am endlessly impressed by the mothers in our city who are doing really cool things AND successfully balancing their work/family lives.  I support them through:

  • A series entitled “Inspired Pittsburgh Mommy” that profiles different Pittsburgh mothers who have started grass-roots projects that benefit other Pittsburgh families.
  • The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog’s original “Pittsburgh Mom-Owned Business Directory” a free resource to connect local mom-owned businesses with prospective clientele.
  • A series entitled ,”Spotlight on a Pittsburgh Mom-Owned Business,” where I feature a creative and successful business created by a Pittsburgh mother.
  • Inviting local mothers to participate in my “Guest Post” series, which is a platform for other Pittsburgh mothers to share their points of view about parenting in our city.

Also, here’s a link to an article I wrote about my own story.  Although trained as an MD, I found the work/family life balance to be unsatisfactory and I left my career in order to stay at home with my children and to start The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :)!

Nadine Champsi

Nadine Champsi

I am a doctor turned write-at-home-mom who runs the Pittsburgh Mommy Blog and is editor of Kidsburgh. I have two wonderful young children and am happily married. My interests include cooking, green-living, gardening, being in the outdoors, listening to great music, checking out the city's cool art, coming up with creative things to do with my kids, and having as many adventures as I can!
Nadine Champsi

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  1. I feel compelled to tell you that I completely love your blog! And thanks for checking out mine! It’s so nice and refreshing to read your thoughtful and intelligent posts on parenting in Pittsburgh. (My husband and I are also Pittsburgh transplants!)

    Although I am not a parent myself, this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as I am currently struggling with the decision of whether or not to bring little ones into the world. While I know that the decision is a personal one, I feel that I would also need to leave my profession in order to be the kind of parent that I would want to be. The combination of this decision, the relentless hard work that parenting presents and the drastic lifestyle change it requires gives me cold sweats! Not sure I am up for the challenge!

    Also – to those who have criticized your choices, I say your life is your own personal journey and no one else can tell you what is right for you. You are strong and brave for following your instincts and I congratulate you. I strongly feel that any criticism you receive is merely the result of others’ insecurities. You go girl!

    • Wow–thank you so much for that very sweet message. It certainly means a lot to know that someone is not only reading but ENJOYING reading my blog..You never can tell….
      Anyway, I totally respect you for putting so much thought into raising children BEFORE you actually have them. I agree that there are a ton of considerations that need to be addressed when you’re thinking about having kids. It was incredibly difficult (at least for us) to raise our kids when we were both working without family around. Now, my husband and I are both doctors, so there was some extra inflexibility in our schedule because of the profession we chose, but I still think it would be hard no matter what you do. When the kid gets sick and you can’t bring them to daycare…WTF are you supposed to do then? I hope that if you do end up having children that your job would be flexible in those cases. Also, you are dead-on when you say that having kids will change your life entirely. It’s not a bad change if you’re ready for it, but if not, I could see it being quite miserable. And in regards to your possible need to leave your profession if you have kids, I can certainly understand that…it is definitely a completely personal decision. Although I found that I could not feel fulfilled juggling both family and work, I definitely have friends who feel just the opposite. They would never feel fulfilled if they DIDN’T juggle both. I also definitely think you never know how you are going to feel until after you have your baby. I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would leave the profession I had worked so hard for…but in the end, I couldn’t dream of NOT leaving the profession to be with my kids. No matter what anybody says or thinks, the decision was the only one I could have ever made and I’m at peace with it. Now I live everyday doing exactly what brings me contentment, rather than waiting for some future time when I will be able to attain that kind of peace. I think there’s a lot to be said for making choices that allow you to live that way….
      Anyway, please take care..and keep me updated on your decision!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Although not a mother, I am a baby doctor :) and a transplant to Pittsburgh, so can relate. Kudos for your support of environmental friendliness.

  3. Hello! My name is Heather Hopson, and I am the editor and founder of Diary of a First Time Mom. I wanted to reach out to Pittsburgh Mom Bloggers to invite them to a Lunch & Learn this summer. It looks like I’m going to team up with The Motherhood and host a lunch on Tuesday, July 9th at their Aspinwall Office. The invites won’t go out until June 10th after we meet to approve the final details, but please hold the date on your calendar now! There will be lots of great advice, networking opportunities and swag bags!
    Please email me at if you would like to be added to the invite list!

  4. Hi. I would like to send you information about a family-friendly dance program that’s happening on March 1st 2014 It’s an original production called the Chinese Nutcracker. It borrows elements from the classic ballet, but infuses it with Chinese traditions, dance styles, costumes, and music. Our dance academy is staging this production to celebrate our 10th anniversary in Pittsburgh. We hope this production will introduce many Pittsburghers to the beauty of Chinese Dance. Please contact me @ and I can share more details with you. Thanks.

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