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Prenatal/Childbirth Services

Belly Centered
Belly Centered

Birthing from Within™ Childbirth Preparation Classes, Prenatal Yoga, Doula services

Belly Centered exists to provide support, nourishment, and community to parents and families throughout the journeys of conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting. This support and nourishment can come in many forms and many packages. I offer Childbirth Preparation Classes, doula services, yoga teaching, and will soon offer family-centered retreats and travel opportunities. All are designed to be full of information, ritual, celebration, yoga, good food, resources and networks of support, and space to learn what it is that YOU need at this moment in YOUR life. I believe that what every parent needs is unique and the services I provide reflect that belief, providing a customized approach for every individual, couple, or group. This philosophy and approach stems from my training with Birthing From Within® and studies and training in experiential and adventure education.
Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh

Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh has been providing DONA certified, supportive birth doulas to women and their partners in hospitals, birth centers and at home since 1994. We understand that birth is a key life experience that the mother will remember all her life and we strive to support and nurture the birthing family.

Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh has been providing DONA certified, supportive birth doulas to women and their partners in hospitals, birth centers and at home since 1994. We understand that birth is a key life experience that the mother will remember all her life and we strive to support and nurture the birthing family.

During pregnancy, We get to know you throughout our prenatal visits and learn about your concerns and desires for your birth. We help you create a birth plan and provide reassurance and information throughout your pregnancy.

During labor, the mother is supported with continuous care. Unlike regular hospital staff, there are no shift changes. We understand that labor is an emotional, physical and spiritual event. We will help you with pain relieveing measures such as relaxation, massage, positioning, breathing patterns, use of a birthing ball, water therapy and many other comfort techniques to work positively with your contractions.

We are also able to provide informational support, answering questions about the labor process and hospital procedures, as well as being your advocate to hospital staff while providing an objective viewpoint for you and your partner. We are also happy to take any pictures for you using your camera, or a disposable.

Immediately after birth, we stay with you through all postpartum procedures and help with breastfeeding assistance, information and support. During the first few days postpartum the doula stays in touch by phone to provide support and answer questions. Several weeks after the birth we schedule a post partum visit where you will receive your birth story and photos, if you chose to have them taken. We are happy to provide suggestions for making those first few weeks as successful as possible and look forward to discussing your feelings about the birth and encourage a confident peaceful passage into motherhood.
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Blessed Arrivals
Blessed Arrivals

We are a doula service in the Pittsburgh area. We offer birth and postpartum doula services as well as childbirth education classes (Hypnobabies and Bradley), breastfeeding support and placenta encapsulation.
MotherBirth PA
MotherBirth PA

Labor doula, placenta prints & childbirth education services

MotherBirth PA offers labor doula services, as well as unique childbirth education classes incorporating the rebozo. Lactation education and counseling coming summer 2014!

MotherBirth PA was created to assist families in their transition from pregnancy to parenthood. We are proud to support ALL families regardless of their race, religion, or family structure. MotherBirth PA takes pride in providing complete, unbiased information and supporting families in whatever birth choices they decide are best for them.
Natural Attachment Midwifery and Healthcare

Traditional Homebirth Midwife, Community Herbalist, and Holistic & Spiritual Health Consultant serving Pittsburgh, PA

Natural Attachment Midwifery and Healthcare is a comprehensive alternative holistic and spiritual healthcare practice, which serves families and individuals living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our practice seeks to educate and inform clients about holistic health throughout the childbearing years, attachment parenting and consensual living, and alternative options for natural health and spiritual well-being.

Our practice utilises and draws on modalities from various cultures and health systems including: traditional midwifery, herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy, spiritual counselling, shamanic healing, reiki, meditation, reflexology, rootwork, and traditional witchcraft.

We are an Inclusive and Body-Positive Practice. Our services are available to all persons regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, gender expression, ablebodiedness, weight, age, or ethnic origin.

Shining Light Prenatal Education

Guiding Women and their Families from Fertility through Pregnancy and Childbirth and into Early Parenthood with Grace and Confidence with Classes, Workshops and Community Groups.

At Shining Light Prenatal Education, it is our mission to help guide you through fertility, pregnancy and into early parenting with grace and confidence. Through our classes and workshops you’ll find both the information and support you need to make the best choices for you and your baby.

We know that your journey into motherhood is unique. We understand there is no one “right” way to give birth; we honor and respect the choices our families make. We believe birth is a natural, normal process which is truly a transformational point in a woman’s life.

To support you during this journey we offer group classes, concierge-style private sessions and community groups. Our intention is to build your confidence and help you to walk the path before you to a healthy pregnancy and birth. By choosing our classes you will find holistic support; mind, body and spirit.

Our students who take our yoga classes combined with Confident Birthing (Lamaze) and our other workshops find they are very well prepared for labor, birth and parenting.

Our packages are tailored towards each life-stage. By choosing a package, not only do you save a bit of money, but you will receive comprehensive information. Packages include classes on a physical, emotional and intellectual level to best prepare you for your journey. Consider it an investment in your long term health and well-being, and that of your baby.

Contact us today for your free consultation. We look forward to seeing you in class!
Nadine Champsi

Nadine Champsi

I am a doctor turned write-at-home-mom who runs the Pittsburgh Mommy Blog and is editor of Kidsburgh. I have two wonderful young children and am happily married. My interests include cooking, green-living, gardening, being in the outdoors, listening to great music, checking out the city's cool art, coming up with creative things to do with my kids, and having as many adventures as I can!
Nadine Champsi